If you’re looking for just the right company to cater your business’ next corporate event, you need to shop around. Here are questions to ask any company that you’re considering here in the greater Miami region.

Can You Accommodate Special Requests?

Your business may want specific menu items featured at your upcoming corporate event. Can the catering company deliver? Whether you want vegetarian and vegan dishes included, you need to accommodate gluten-intolerant employees, you want to avoid nuts because some people are allergic, or you simply want a say in the options that are offered, you must check beforehand to make sure the caterers you choose are able to work with your special requests.

Are You Available For Weekend Events?

A lot of corporate event catering takes place on weekdays during regular business hours. However, your event may be scheduled for the weekend. Is the company you’re considering available only for corporate lunch catering, or is it also available for any weekend or holiday events you have in the works? Find out beforehand to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.

Do You Offer Breakfast Options?

A company that specializes in corporate lunch catering may or may not offer breakfast options, yet many corporate events take place early in the morning. If you’re having an early-morning corporate event that you want catered, see if the company you’re considering here in Miami is able to provide a variety of breakfast foods for the occasion.

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Can You Provide Testimonials?

What do others say about this particular corporate catering business in Miami? Did they enjoy the experience? Were they impressed by the quality of the food and variety of options? Ask the corporate event catering company to provide real testimonials from real clients.

What’s Included In The Price Per Person?

When you’re getting an estimate, make sure it lists everything that is included in the price per person. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough food for everyone in attendance and that you can remain within your budget. Get clarity on what, exactly, is offered for the price you’re quoted.

How Many Servers Are Included?

In a self-serve, buffet-style catered corporate event, you may need only one server. In a more formal sit-down event, you’ll need additional servers who will bring dishes to those seated at tables. Find out in advance how many servers are included in the price you’re quoted, and if you feel you need more servers, how much it will cost to add them.

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