In the business world, corporate lunch catering can lighten the mood and make business events far more memorable! Learn more about corporate lunch catering here in Miami, FL.

Food Feeds More Than The Body!

It goes without saying that food is fuel for the body. It brings us minerals, vitamins, fiber, proteins, fat, and carbohydrates that are needed to keep us going strong each day. But good food does so much more than feed the body; it also feeds the brain and nourishes the soul!

Of course, flavor is supremely important, but it’s about more than that. These elements need to be kept in mind for any corporate lunch catering effort:

  • Visual Appeal: Our eyes are drawn to everything that’s visually appealing. This means that we’ll have a better experience if the food served to us during corporate events is bright, beautiful, colorful, and artistically arranged.
  • Aromas: They say that our earliest memories are tied to our sense of smell with greater emphasis than our other senses! It’s clear that aroma is important to human beings. The experience of being at a corporate event can be improved by several levels when delicious food aromas accompany that experience.
  • Options: There are people who don’t eat meat. There are individuals with sensitivities to gluten, dairy, nuts, or other items. In addition, there are individuals who like certain textures but not others. For these reasons and more, it’s always a smart idea to have several options on the table.
  • Taste: Of course, none of the items we’ve already mentioned will carry much weight if the food you eat at a catered event is lacking in flavor. Taste is paramount! This is true of any catered meal.
  • Presentation: Assuming the food tastes great and the aromas wafting from your plate make you feel good, the remaining point that event attendees will evaluate is presentation. If the food is arranged on each plate beautifully, everyone will remember and will probably want to know the name of these spectacular caterers!

What Exceptional Service Can Bring To The Table

We’ve just covered important elements of the food itself. But that’s still just part of the equation! Service counts, too, and exceptional service will be noticed, appreciated, and remembered.

What does exceptional service include? It needs to encompass the following:

  • Respect: No matter how rushed a server may feel, it’s important that he or she treats everyone in attendance with utmost respect.
  • Professionalism: This goes hand in hand with being respectful.
  • Accommodating Servers: If you need a new knife, more water, or a meatless option, your server needs to accommodate you.
  • Quiet Efficiency: During a corporate event, people are talking! It’s important that servers do their job well, efficiently, and quietly so that the attendees don’t miss what the speakers on stage or on the floor are saying.

When the food is delicious and aromatic, it’s presented beautifully, and the service is a cut above, the catered event you’re hosting or attending will be a highly memorable one for all the right reasons!

Turn To Reliable Greater Miami Caterers

Bella Personal Chef, Catering & Event Design serves the greater Miami region as corporate caterers and more. We also cater weddings, family reunions, birthday celebrations, graduations, and other occasions worth celebrating.

Our staff pays close attention to the details, making sure to create menus that are interesting and delicious, and making sure to provide excellent service everyone will enjoy.

Let us help make your next corporate event every bit as memorable as what’s on your plate! We’ll be happy to work with your specifications to ensure the event is handled to your satisfaction. To learn more about the services we offer as greater Miami caterers and personal chefs, get in touch with Bella today!