Miami is a beautiful place to have your wedding. From rooftop venues and beachside locations, to endless catering selections and musicians, Miami is filled with options. In a place that’s so prevalent with event selections, it can be hard to make decisions. At Bella in Miami, we are professionals at planning events. We have compiled a list of tips for your wedding planning endeavors in Miami to help guide you as you plan one of the biggest days of your life. Visit our website to learn more about Bella Catering today!

Image of a wedding reception

Find Your Venue

Miami is filled with venue options. The most important first step in deciding on your venue is deciding what kind of vibe you want for your wedding. If you are feeling a beach wedding, then look along the coastline for companies with beachside wedding venues. If you are more of a rooftop/bohemian couple, explore downtown Miami for extravagant indoor venues to host your guests. The venue is an important selection as it helps guide the rest of your decision-making.

Choose the Dress Code

It’s important for each couple to choose a dress code that matches their style and venue simultaneously. For instance, if you decide on a beach wedding, classy flip-flop styles may be more acceptable and comfortable for your guests. If you have selected an indoor venue, a suit and tie may be preferred. Whatever you choose, make sure that your dress code is cohesive with who you are and where you are getting married.

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Image of a catering tray

Find Your Caterer

Food is one of the most valuable things at a wedding. Good food can make a wedding magical, while bad food can bring down the whole experience. There is a multitude of caterers in Miami to choose from. When looking for a caterer, look at the ingredients they use, styles of food, and presentation of their food to help you decide. At Bella, we bring high-quality, healthy meals directly to your table in a way that you have never experienced. Your wedding caterer should help you to create memories that will last a lifetime, and that’s what we aim to do.

Find the Right Flowers

Your flowers bring out the beauty of your venue and communicate who the couple is to their guests. Whether you are looking for color during the spring, reds during the fall, or whites during the summer and winter, choosing the right flowers is a necessity. Let your venue help dictate your flower selection to best decorate your wedding.

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As a premier wedding caterer in Miami, we strive to create the best food in the city. Visit our website to learn more about our catering services!